And the race begins..with great news!

I heard back from Kiva on Monday night, with the sweet news that I had been selected for a first round of interviews!  I can’t even describe the happiness I felt while sitting on my couch with the good news in front of me.  My heart rate was erratic, and I felt like I was going to burst!  I know that sounds like too much, and that there is no guarantee I’ll actually get to be a Fellow, but at least I got a chance.  This has been a long time in the making, and it would be a huge step for me towards changing the direction of my professional career – finally – drastically.  Plus,  just the thought of all the new experiences, the entrepreneurs I’d get the chance to meet and share their experiences, all the things I have to learn about microlending, and the time I’d spend living abroad – just all too exciting!

I’ll keep you posted of my progress, this year may turn out to be more interesting than I thought on January 1.  In the meantime,  I leave you with this video of a TED talk given by Jessica Jackley, Kiva co-founder, where she pretty much puts into words many of the feelings I have about poverty and why I feel compelled to change the paradigm.


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  1. Hope you are happy doing this. this will bring good things for the future, I am sure about that

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