The home stretch!

It’s been a few weeks since my last update — so I thought I would share the good news so far!

I have gone through the two rounds of interviews at Kiva – one with a former Fellow, and another with a Kiva employee.  I am now anxiously waiting for a decision.  Kiva is currently contacting my references, and I should find out in a couple of weeks whether or not I am recommended to be a Fellow.  A couple of weeks later, I would then find out the location assignment.

So, I sit tight and wait..and fanticize of what being a Kiva Fellow can bring. 

On other news,  I took the big step and gave my resignation at work!  It was a huge step for me, being tremendously risk averse and all.  My four-year career as a consultant have come to an end, for now.  While I wait to hear back from Kiva, I have decided to take an internship at a microfinance network here in New York.  I am terrified, but also so excited to learn about microfinance as much as possible, absorb every bit as a sponge!  While I am at it, I will study for the GRE and see how that goes.

Well, the wheels are in motion .. the scape has taken place, and the adventure is just getting started!


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