A quick one to Thank YOU

I wanted to wait a couple of weeks before giving an update on my fundraising efforts – just to avoid annoying you with all my FB activity and never-ending blogging! — but, I am just so touched by your generosity that I could not wait.

For those who know me, you know I am bad bad bad at fundraising or selling, or anything related.  I can’t even sell you something that you want to buy. However, I believe in this cause, and I am determined to see this through till the end – and so, if it requires fundraising, I think it’s well worth the effort.  Nonetheless, I was hesitant.

However, to see your support in the last couple of days has been extremely touching.  In the last 2 days you, my friends, have helped me raise the funds to cover 1 or 2 months of rent, or perhaps cover most of my plane ticket to El Salvador.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, not just for your contributions, but for believing in me and in an idea that I believe can help change the world we live in.

I am very excited — and also scared, not gonna lie — about what’s ahead, but I find comfort in knowing that you are all with me as I take on this adventure.




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