The ever-growing to-do list

I’m not going to deny it, I’ve been on the verge of a melt-down in the last couple of days from thinking about all that has to get done in the next month.
So, I’ve started to make lists. On everything I can get my hands on – napkins, post-it notes, several notebooks — all so that I don’t miss something I read I should pack, or forget to do something before I leave the U.S. Unfortunately, I am not a traditional planner. I rarely plan a lot – for anything – I typically just figure things out as I go. This time, I’m trying to be more methodical, so I am fighting my ways as much as possible.  I am banking on the satisfaction of crossing things off my enormous to-do list, and the panic of not doing something I should have, to push me through this next month.
I am heading to San Francisco on August 14th, so pretty much all of these things have to get done by then:

  • Take the GRE exam – yes, I had the brilliant idea of doing all of this at the same time. This will be the first time I take it, so we’ll see how it goes.
  • Buy plane ticket to El Salvador – continue to research discount options
  • Confirm housing in El Salvador – thankfully I have a wonderful friend who lives in San Salvador, who is helping me understand my options
  • Confirm if I need any sort of visa for El Salvador – it’s tricky with my Colombian citizenship, pretty much I need a visa for every country!
  • Confirm if/what vaccinations I’ll need
  • Review Kiva’s reading list – I have like the equivalent of 6 books worth of reading, we’ll see how far I get
  • Finish UN microfinance course online – about 15 hrs worth of training, a course given by the UN walking me through all the basic technical aspects of how microfinance works
  • Finish reading the pre-training materials on the Kiva Fellows wiki site – they have info such as what to pack for certain territories, advice about visas, health insurance, etc. Thank God for the prior Fellows and all their insight!
  • Send Kiva a copy of my passport, flight details, and intake form
  • Figure out if I should get additional health coverage
  • Continue to acknowledge contributions to my Fellowship as they come in, and update the records I am keeping of donors
  • Write bio for Kiva site
  • Call bank/credit card co’s and let them know I will be abroad for 4 months
  • Get fraud protection coverage for the time I am away (thank you Chema for the advice!)
  • Make packing list for SF
  • Make packing list for El Salvador
  • Continue to promote the Fellowship
  • Update budget for my Fellowship and share with everyone
Phew! And I have left out a few little things that I’ll need to squeeze in, but that’s most of it – for now.  I have to thank a couple of good friends for hosting me at their home during my time in SF, otherwise I would have to add that to the list (thank you J & H)!
With that, I’ll better get to it!

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