Crossing things off!

The weekend has arrived yet again, and I thought I’d leave you with a quick update. My never-ending to-do list (which I am sure you have one too!) is getting shorter!  I have (i) confirmed that a Colombian citizen with permanent residence in the U.S. (me) does not need a visa to El Salvador; and (ii) a major one – I have purchased my ticket to El Salvador!  I will be heading off bright an early on August 22nd. So, my itinerary for August is looking like this:

End my current internship at an NGO in NYC on Aug. 12th –> Take GRE on Aug. 13th –> Fly to San Fran on Aug. 14th –> Return to NYC on the red-eye from SF on Aug. 19th –> Arrive to NYC on Aug. 20th —> Pack, last-minute details, pack! –> Farewell NYC, hello El Salvador on August 22nd!

I also wanted to thank all of you who are helping me make this Fellowship a reality. Thanks to your support I have reached 36% of my goal in a little under 2 weeks!

I still have a long way to go, but I know with your help I can get there.  Please consider clicking this link, or the “donate” button on the left. Every bit helps!

If you are curious to understand how Kiva works, and what happens to your money after you’ve made a loan, I encourage you watch this short video made by a former Kiva Fellow, Kieran Ball. In this video Kieran follows a micro-loan from the minute it is made in the UK, all the way to Cambodia, where it is disbursed.

A Fistful Of Dollars: The Story of a Loan from Kieran Ball on Vimeo.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and please stay tuned!




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