It’s (almost) GO time!

Hi guys, just wanted to write a quick post to (i) thank my new donors, and (ii) cross a few things off my to-do list!

First, thank you to my new donors!! Thanks to your contributions I have reached 43% of my goal.

Ana Bolivar

Sayuri Ganepola

Susan Sadd

Also, I just completed my United Nations Microfinance Distance Learning Course!! Boy, that was intense — but I did learn a ton, and it has given me a good foundation as I get ready for more training in SF in about a week.  I have also figured out how to get to San Miguel from San Salvador (it’s about a 3 hr bus/car ride). I am still researching where I’m going to stay the first couple of nights while I figure out a more permanent arrangement. I confirmed I don’t need any special vaccinations and that I need to get a tourist card upon arrival in San Salvador. I am very lucky to have been able to connect with a former Kiva Fellow who served in El Salvador a year ago (just a different town from where I’ll be). His help has been priceless — answering my list of questions while giving me great advice!

I have to say, this Fellowship is not only giving me the chance to experience something incredible and hopefully make an impact — It has also reconnected me with old friends, given me a channel to share what I know about microfinance with people who had never heard of it, and even deepen existing relationships.

My day of departure is getting closer and closer, so stay tuned as the best is yet to come!


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