Hello El Salvador!

I have arrived at beautiful El Salvador! I arrived on Monday at about noon time (been here 3 days). Things are going well so far, I still have lots to learn and figure out..but one day and one thing at a time.

To recap, when I arrived in El Salvador they wouldn’t let me through at immigration. Because I didn’t have the address of the place where I was going to be working (i.e., Fundacion Campo), they didn’t believe I came to work as a volunteer for 4 months in San Miguel (the town where I’m living) at a microfinance organization. The immigration officer had to walk out of the airport to look for the guy that was picking me up. After all, the immigration officer only have me a 30 day “visa.” I need to figure out what I need to do to be here for another 3 months legally.

Things in general are going great, at my MFI the staff has been incredibly welcoming and cooperative with all of my work thus far. I’ve made a couple of friends who even helped me to get a cellphone (which I couldn’t get on my own since I am not a citizen here).

I still need to figure out a more permanent living arrangement. I am in a nice little hotel, close to the office. But this can get pricey.Also, it’s not safe for me to have to go out for dinner on my own.  I’m hoping I can be somewhere else next week.

Thank you all for your support, I’ll be writing more interesting posts as I get more situated here in San Miguel.



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