Next Stop: San Jose, Costa Rica

Well, my time in El Salvador is up. I have been able to accomplish a lot in my two months here in San Miguel, and I’ve met some wonderful people. But, I want more and Kiva has more work for me for the next couple of months in Costa Rica. I am very excited to share the news. Although, I am also a bit worried given the tight time frames I am working with and the never-ending rain here in Central America. My plan is to head for San Jose, Costa Rica sometime next week. No, I don’t even know where to buy my bus ticket – yes, I am hoping to get there after a 12 hr bus ride. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the rain to stop, so that I can take a bus instead of having to fly (10x more expensive!).

I am concerned about the living expenses, as Costa Rica is the most expensive place in Central America. But, I am so happy to see a new country, meet new people, and learn more about microfinance. Particularly, about the group methodology, which I have yet to see on the ground. I want to meet more clients, and see how I can help my new MFI implement Kiva more efficiently.

My time at Fundacion Campo has been incredibly productive, and I know my relationship with this amazing organization will go beyond my two months here. This is a bitter-sweet goodbye.


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