You Got Mail, and a Bday celebration

Hi there!

I’ve finally found a place where I could get myself some postcards for my awesome donors! Aaaand, also figured out where/how the mail system here in San Miguel works!

So, I’ve sent my first batch of postcards to my donors earlier this week. If all goes as planned, they should arrive in two weeks. Although the first thing they told me at the post office is that they don’t make any promises. Thus, I must just hope they will arrive. Once I see that they do make it to the States, I will send a second batch. If they don’t arrive, I will come up with another plan!

In other news, yesterday was my birthday. Oh yes, I am now 4 years away from 30! It was truly a great day to celebrate here in San Miguel. I couldn’t have asked for more. I got a cake, and tons of presents. I even got a box that my mom sent me all the way from Puerto Rico! I also got to celebrate with the family of a friend of mine, who has taken me as one of their daughters. We had a feast for dinner, and even the weather cooperated (it was not even hot, which is a miracle). It was also a great day when it comes to work. Loan officers have ramped up their Kiva work and we got loads of new client profiles to upload onto the site. My hope is that we will keep/increase this pace, so that Fundacion Campo can go from pilot to active by the time I leave the country. I still have so much more work to do… and got some ideas to give F. Campo some exposure (particularly around their community development work). They do so much more than micro-loans.

Bday dinner with my "adoptive" family

Huevos chimbos - these are like easter eggs, but filled with lil pieces of paper. They are then crashed on the head of the bday girl. aka, me.

To all of you who took a minute of your day to write to me, call me, Facebook me, or read this blog: THANK YOU!

Thank you for your support, all along. I couldn’t be on this adventure without you!

Much love,



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  1. Hey, happy belated birthday, Andrea! Sorry I missed it when it happened, but I’m glad you had such a great day!

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